The Art of Knowing: Art and Wine events $30 each


The Art of Knowing: Art and Wine events $30 each


The Art of Knowing, Art and Wine events, a monthly Tuesday night experience, 6-8pm. Email Leah Jackson to sign up, 

$30 includes a lecture, wine (or other beverage) and hands-on art experience

Arrive early to enjoy happy hour next door at Niche wine bar

No previous art experience necessary.

March 20 Street Art
Street Art can be a beautiful and thought-provoking form of public art. Tagging, stenciling, and past-ups constantly transform the urban landscape. While making our own stencils we will look at artists such as Banksy, Swoon, and Margaret Killgallen who moved from vandalism to being legitimate and highly sought-after artists. 

April 24 April Fools/Artist Fools
We will get seriously silly while looking at some super witty artist such as British artist David Shrigley who made a career out of very bad drawings. We will enjoy inappropriate nonsense while pretending we are having a serious discussion about high art. We will make some goofy art as well. 

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